timber home

All the Benefits of a Small Timber Home

Log cabins or timber homes – call them what you will, there’s no denying that wooden homes exude a simple charm and their atmosphere, level of comfort, proper lights can be even helpful in overcoming psychophysiological insomnia.

It’s a look that can easily be carried through to any home with merely a few decor touches – and it appeals especially to those who love warmth, comfort, and wholesomeness over modern pieces and design elements.

Major players that achieve this look successfully are natural materials like wood, leather, sisal, and wool – the look depends on what makes you feel comfortable and secure in your home. Bring in Mother Nature and enjoy the beauty she has to offer.

1 Wooden appeal

Wood carries a feeling of warmth throughout the home and adds an instant log-cabin appeal. If you’re still a brick and mortar person, bring wood into your home in other ways: use it in flooring, exposed beams in the ceiling or walls to add that natural beauty. Wooden furniture is practical and ages well. In this home, the only wood source used is pine. Different colors are created using plant oils made by Enviro Touch, a local supplier of eco-friendly paints and wood finishes. The use of plant oils over varnish is to avoid any poisons varnishes may bring into the home.

Did you know?  

Timber framing is a common building source globally and is fast becoming popular locally. On its a website, the Timber Frame Builders Association cites the reason for this as the material being ‘lightweight and strong, durable, suited to all climate conditions, totally environmentally friendly and extremely thermally efficient.’ All structural timber in South Africa is harvested from sustainably managed local forests.

2 Space it out

If you live in a smaller home, you’ll find it easier to make space your own. The order is the key, which means ensuring that there’s a place for all facets of your lifestyle. You can also create a sense of space with high ceilings, which allow the room to appear taller, seem larger and brighter. The open floor plan of this room, combined with large windows that extend to the floor, further enhances the feeling of space while the outside greenery brings in a sense of serenity. Lifestyle author Dan Philips says that in small spaces one should choose small furniture that is modular, mobile and low-lying to keep your visual horizon clear and help maintain a spacious feeling.

3 Light up your senses

Light defines a space and natural light is far more visually appealing, more economical and better for your emotional well-being than artificial light – though that also has its place in the home. Windows play an important part in providing natural lighting, so plenty of big windows allows the sun in year-round and naturally warms the home – while also adding a special glow. Have glass doors that open up completely so that when sitting comfortably on your couch, dining or cooking in the kitchen you can enjoy the views and the feeling of being at one with nature. When the weather turns cold, retain the heat in the home with thick woven curtains in a neutral shade that complements the rustic decor. Enhance the lighting with hanging lamps, standing lamps or wall sconces – all wonderful sources for adding mood and lots of atmosphere to a room. Choose lighting with a rustic appeal to further add to the look and the feeling of living in the woods.

4 In living color

With this decor style, it’s only too easy to introduce color into your home as anything really goes: from pale greens, soft yellows, blues to richer colors like purple, dark greens and blues and reds… Most colors will complement the wood tones – and each other. Bring in color with the use of braided rugs on the floor, soft throws strewn over seats, scatter cushions with embroidery, and vases.

5 Rustic relief

The texture is essential in getting the look right – and for adding visual interest to your room. As with color, different patterns and materials can influence the atmosphere, space, and mood of the home. There’s no hard or fast rule to this look, so be creative and mix it all together to bring about the timber-home feel. Use furniture made from sisal or wicker to add rustic touches; bring in plants and flowers if your view is not that of forest and create an oasis within your walls… Indulge the sense of touch with handcrafted vases in different sizes and forms, hang natural patterned art in the form of baskets on the wall – it all adds to a feeling of harmonious living bringing a sense of solitude.