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How To Get Rid Of Tahiti Village Timeshare?

Being away from the Las Vegas strip in as little as 2 miles, Tahiti Village is a great destination to spend a long-awaited vacation for everyone who seeks a real tropical paradise among the stone jungle. This timeshare resort ensures multiple family-friendly amenities and activities, including an excellent pool, beach, spa services, a Lazy River, etc. If you aren’t satisfied with a timeshare and ask how to get rid of Tahiti village timeshare, you are in the right place. Keep reading to discover this issue. But first, get in touch with us to find out about a possible timeshare resale.

How to cancel Tahiti village timeshare: everything you need to know

1. Follow a rescission period

If you purchased a Tahiti Village timeshare recently and want to get out of it, you have an excellent chance to cancel ownership and receive a full refund. However, you pose a pretty brief period after buying the property for cancellation – it is known as a timeshare rescission period. 

The duration of this cooling-off period varies from state to state and usually does not exceed a week or two. Once you buy a Tahiti Village timeshare and regret it, you have five days after the day you signed a timeshare contract to get out of ownership. It is mentioned in Nevada timeshare laws.

2. Ask a resort to get a timeshare back

Another good option for canceling a Tahiti Village timeshare is calling a resort for a buy-back or take-back program. Such programs might help you terminate a timeshare contract earlier than your current obligation, even though not all resorts offer such options. If you still own a mortgage on a timeshare, expect buy-back programs won’t work for your case.

3. Try to resell a timeshare

If you wonder how to sell Tahiti Village timeshare, consider listing it on the online resale markets, such as eBay and Craigslist. It is worth mentioning that multiple listed timeshares on such markets are for as little as $1, which means owners are ready to give a property almost for free, just to be no longer obligated to pay high maintenance and membership fees. Therefore, you might need the professional help of a timeshare broker or real estate agent to increase your chances of a successful deal. Anyway, a Tahiti Village timeshare resale isn’t a quick process, and it might never be sold at all.

4. Hire a timeshare cancellation team

If you find the mentioned options impractical for you, getting professional assistance is the way to go. Most legitimate timeshare cancellation companies involve the legal services to terminate a timeshare contract. Nevertheless, timeshare owners risk encountering a Tahiti Village timeshare scam in the field. To prevent any fraud while hiring a professional timeshare exit team, it would be best to avoid paying any upfront fees for a company until the work is done. Multiple professionals won’t require payments unless they successfully get you out of a timeshare.