Sell Your House

How To Sell Your House Faster?

When you were looking for a new house whether you were expanding or downscaling you had a purpose, specific needs and requirements. “Now, as the seller, you need to envisage what a potential buyer will be looking for as well,” says Linda Erasmus, CEO of Fine & Country International Realty in Rivonia. So what will enable that quick sale? Firstly, have a look at the unique selling points of your home, while also keeping in mind what might put potential buyers off advises Linda. Make a list of who you think is likely to buy your property by looking at your homes qualities and features. Call in the help of a reputable estate agent to help you identify which profile will suit your home then start tailoring your property to adapt to this. Linda proffers the following key points to remember when selling your property: 

1    See your property as a product on the shelf of a store. Potential buyers prefer well-maintained houses that are neatly presented, although there is a percentage of the market (like many Home readers) looking for fixer-uppers they can renovate and personalize. 

2    Allow potential buyers to see the product; this is only possible if there is not too much clutter. While your agent is promoting the product, it is up to you to fix it up or ensure that it’s kept in tip-top condition. 

3   Appoint an agent who knows how to best present your property to the market. There is a reason why big clothing stores hire the best window dressers. Estate agents are marketers, and┬аyou should choose the one who writes the best script, takes the best photographs and presents you with the most innovative ideas to make your home a strong contender in the competitive market. 

4  Property hunting has moved with the times. Now, the younger generation relies on the internet to search for the best properties on the market, while the older generation still buys the newspaper. Appoint an agent who understands and incorporates technology, as this will have an impact on the sale of your home. 

5  Statistics will give you a good indication of what is happening in the market, what your home is worth and what trends are current or outdated. Once your home is sold, it becomes part of the statistics. So take cognizance of statistics, adjusting features and the selling price of your property accordingly. 

6  Have regular meetings with your estate agent; the onus is on you to work closely with the agent who is doing the marketing, so you end up in a win-win situation. You should bear in mind the four Ps of real estate: product, promotion, position and price. Marketing your home does not end with having buyers at your show house or visiting the online virtual tour, says Linda. Meeting the potential buyers’ expectations and keeping promises can be a deal maker or breaker.